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The old way of getting a divorce is an antiquated, costly system. It sets up people as adversaries fighting over marital assets and liabilities. In our experience, going the conventional route gets you a predictable outcome: a battle that drags on, sometimes for years, often in court with high attorneys’ fees and costs.

We believe there’s a better way to handle a divorce.

Creativity + Tenacity = Results

Michales & Barbosa practices a singular form of family law that’s results-focused, not process driven.

We combine extensive trial experience with proven negotiating skills to creatively resolve your case – from the most complex to the “simple” divorce.

  • Expert in complex financial situations
  • Specializing in high net-worth cases
  • Skilled at Principled Negotiation
  • Tenacious litigation
  • A Collaborative Practice® firm

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Marilyn J. Michales, Esq.
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